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Find out how SMS helps generate more revenue for gyms, physios and studios

Find out how SMS helps generate more revenue for gyms, physios and studios

Epass Online integrates SMS API from Spryng into innovative membership administration software

Epass Online and Spryng have formed a partnership to help gyms, sports and swimming clubs, physiotherapy practices and personal trainers generate more revenue and reduce no-shows.

Epass Online customers only pay for the SMS messages they send through Epass Online’s platform. The integration is easy. You can start using SMS without any connection fees or subscriptions. Scroll further down for the roadmap to get started with SMS in Epass Online for free.

Valuable uses of SMS in Epass Online

Getting the attention of sports consumers is becoming increasingly difficult. With all the email newsletters, ads on social media, banners, you name it, consumers are overwhelmed. It is becoming increasingly expensive and less effective to recruit new members through these marketing channels.

If you compare these marketing channels to SMS, SMS is way cheaper and you can be sure that that potential customer will actually read your message. In fact, SMS has an open rate of 98% versus email’s average open rate of 21%.

Payment reminders:

By using SMS automatically for payment reminders (with an iDeal link, for example) for outstanding invoices, organisations achieve on average 30% more payments

Bulk marketing campaigns:

Use SMS as a marketing channel to highlight promotions and offers. SMS has an open rate of 98% versus email’s average open rate of 21%.

Reviews, surveys and dashboards:

Automate surveys, group class reviews and other reports to gain insight into your customers.

Increase retention:

Monitor inactive members of your gym or studio and activate them with best-working SMS activation templates or send them useful or inspiring messages from time to time for customer retention.

Appointment reminders:

Research shows that appointment reminders via SMS can lead to 70% no-show reduction. Calculate yourself how much it costs if people don’t show up for a PT session or a physio appointment.

Easy start with SMS in Epass Online

Spryng is the only supplier in Europe with ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certification. This guarantees that data does not fall into the wrong hands and enjoys the highest level of security.

Moreover, Spryng works with direct SMS routes which means messages are guaranteed to arrive. This is also reflected in the SMS dashboard in Epass Online. This sounds obvious, but is not always the case.

Start using SMS

  • Create a free account with Spryng
  • You get free trial credits and can then buy the bundle you want online or contact Spryng’s support team for advice.
  • Contact Epass Online and provide your credentials of your Spryng account. You can start sending immediately.
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