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Curious and sporty: meet Youri!

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Curious and sporty: meet Youri!

Sometimes you just have to do something to find out it's not what you're looking for. That happened to Youri when he started at Spryng as a Business Developer. After three months, together with Country Manager Naomi and Operations Manager Sara, he came to the conclusion that this position did not quite match his skills and interests. But another position at Spryng did hit the mark! 

“I’ve been working in the Customer Experience department for three months now and I feel right at home here! I get energy from my work and can apply my skills well. It’s actually the heart of Spryng. No day is the same but we always start the day by answering questions that have come in, because Spryng is known for its good and fast service. I am also responsible for monitoring our accounts for low credits and upgrades, setting up accounts for new partners and technical work. To provide the best possible experience to our customers, we are always working on how to further improve our services.” 

Besides being a valued colleague, Youri is also very sporty: he trains five times a week (!) and tries to live a healthy lifestyle. During the daily communal lunch, for instance, he strictly keeps track of his calories. Although he has to travel a considerable commuting distance every day (from Limmen to the Spryng office in Amsterdam), he is in the office as early as eight o’clock in the morning. So a disciplined early bird, that Youri. But it also pays off, as he shows super good results and remains eager to learn. Did you know that if you chat with Spryng, chances are you are chatting with Youri? After all, he has an average response time of less than a minute. He also continues to challenge himself and grow; for instance, he used to hate presenting and it kept him busy for days in advance. Now Youri presents monthly Customer Experience results to all Spryng employees! That all sounds very ambitious; fortunately, Youri also likes a party or a festival. And the GIFs trend introduced by his colleague Nathalie at Support. 

“It’s great that Spryng thinks in solutions not only for its customers, but also for employees. The way Sara and Naomi kept thinking with me was very nice. And the good vibe I experienced during my applications is still there. I feel completely at home in this informal, committed and driven working environment.” Smiling: “Even though I have to get out of bed quite early for it.” 

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