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ComsysConnect and Spryng enter a partnership for SMS services

ComsysConnect and Spryng enter a partnership for SMS services

The SMS supplier Spryng entered into a partnership with ComsysConnect. ComsysConnect is specialised in Cloud Based IVR, Contact Center, quality management solutions, in combination with service numbers. Comsys is the supplier of accessible solutions to optimise and streamline the telecom services of companies. Therewith, Comsys is the largest supplier in this branch of such communication solutions for the business market.

ComsysConnect uses the SMS Gateway of Spryng for the confirmation of appointments made by phone, for payments and for automatically sending appointment reminders by SMS. This way these two communication channels are mutually reinforcing. Clients receive for example status information about an order or appointment per SMS. This can be a standard SMS, but it can also be a personalised message with recent information like time/date and location. In the future Spryng and Comsys will intensify the cooperation furthermore, mainly with SMS Alerts and SMS marketing actions.


All of this aims to be able to serve the customer optimally by using multiple communication channels. SMS is part of one of the several channels that Comsys offers in her services. Consequently, SMS supports the Voice Response and Contact Center Software of Comsys. Comsys uses multidisciplinary channels in her Contact Center Software. Multichanneling is completely supported by this.

About Spryng

Spryng delivers SMS services worldwide for the business market, with a customer base of over 14.000 customers. In eight years Spryng obtained a prominent place in the mobile services sector, and has realised many interesting cases together with her customers in many different branches. The power of Spryng lies in offering SMS services in an easy accessible and efficient way. The SMS services are designed in such a way that they unite with the wishes of the customer. The products of Spryng are offered through different online platforms, namely,, and The SMS Gateway of Spryng can easily be linked to existing applications through an API. Beside this, Spryng also offers instant solutions like manually sending SMS through the online platforms and the MAIL to SMS application.

About ComsysConnect

ComsysConnect is part of the Comsys Group, a company of Dutch origin. Comsys is located in different countries and is working on services that conclude phone and speech for over 28 years. Examples of these are information lines, quality research and voting through the phone, but also alert services and the usage of SMS in marketing activities. Comsys delivers her services and systems worldwide to various organisations in a variety of branches, from different large telecom operators to small and medium sized enterprises like Asito, Vion, ING, Ziggo, KLM, KPN Telecom. For more information visit


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