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Chipsoft & Spryng provide an SMS module to reduce no-shows

Chipsoft & Spryng provide an SMS module to reduce no-shows

Chipsoft and Spryng allow the roll-out of a new national service for hospitals.

The Diaconessen Hospital in Leiden is currently starting to remind their patients of their appointments by means of a text message, by linking the Chipsoft module to the SMS reminder system of Spryng. This means that all patients will soon receive an SMS from the hospital, with which they are reminded of their appointments.

This new service offers many advantages. It prevents the appointments being forgotten, it provides current information oradditional instructions, it leads to a better work planning with the result that waiting lists will be reduced by means of improved labor productivity.

Research has shown that it frequently occurs that patients are “shopping around” at other hospitals, or simply do not show up at appointments. Furthermore, research showed that the reminder by text message was greatly appreciated by the patients, it aroused an unprecedented attention value and it was read and stored immediately in most cases. It has been determined that this new SMS service reduces the “no show” rate by at least 50%, by which the organization will save no less than €152 per person not showing up. Chipsoft provides the hospital the appointment module and Spryng makes its platform available free of charge and provides the mobile connection, by which the text message will be fully automated and transmitted in a secure environment.


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