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Big and small companies benefit from SMS service

Big and small companies benefit from SMS service

Because sending SMS is affordable, fast and increases customer satisfaction.

Many people think that customer communication via SMS services is only for large companies. But far from it! Consumers expect this convenient and easy way of communication from all providers. It does not matter whether the company is large or small, young or old.

SMS service, also for small businesses and start-ups

The SMS is the best way to get in touch with your customers, build up a direct connection to them and bind them to your company in the long run. This is especially important for small companies and start-ups. Sending an SMS is fast, inexpensive and increases customer satisfaction. And good customer relations are vital for young companies. This also includes accompanying and supporting the customer before, during and after the purchasing process. This seems to be very time-consuming at first. But it does not have to be. With the right SMS provider, it’s an ideal opportunity to win new market shares and keep them.

SMS as additional customer service

Of course, a friendly customer advisor is still indispensable, but in smaller companies it is often difficult to keep up with financial constraints and certainly not around the clock. An SMS service offers an affordable supplement to your “real” customer service. Especially if you follow these five tips

  • Leave the robot at home: For most people an SMS is a very personal communication. They are read and interpreted with the thought of a real person on the other side. Try to add a little life to your texts.
  • Do not forget the follow-up: To impress your customers, you should send follow-up messages. Give your customers the feeling that they are not one of many. You have not heard from a customer for a long time? Offer them a discount code via SMS.
  • Automatic appointment reminders via SMS: In the seemingly ever faster becoming everyday life, a small reminder of an appointment by SMS is an excellent possibility to drastically reduce the number of forgotten appointments. Many people would be more than grateful for a short reminder. This saves you and your customers time and money.
  • SMS as central contact point: Surveys have shown that customers are particularly annoyed by the fact that they often have to use different communication channels to contact the same company. Sometimes they should write an email, sometimes call directly and then ask again on the social media channels. This frustrates the customer and costs the company a lot of money to maintain all channels. Simplify your customer communication as much as possible: “If you have a problem, just send us an SMS!” Automated SMS are a versatile, fast and affordable option.
  • Clear and distinct: A detailed explanation or a sales offer does not belong in an SMS but in an email or a blog like this. An SMS or bulk SMS should be short and concise. Of course you would like to tell your customers more, but you can add a short link for that. From experience we know: You can achieve the greatest effect with a short but informative and interesting message. And that is the point.

SMS solutions for large and small

Spryng has been providing SMS solutions for large and small businesses and organizations in the Netherlands for many years. From large healthcare institutions to smaller players and start-ups. Every day we communicate with the customers of clients. We see ourselves as part of a flow between companies and people. Or between people and people. We dive deep into this river to see where it originates, where it flows into and what obstacles it contains. Only then do we know how to avoid rapids and sandbanks.

If you would like to know if our SMS service could improve your customer satisfaction, please contact us. For a communication solution that is tailored to your needs and 100% in line with your company and your goals. You can contact Spryng by phone at +31 20 770 30 05 or by e-mail to

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