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Autorespond: the undeniable value of SMS integrated into marketing automation software

Autorespond: the undeniable value of SMS integrated into marketing automation software

Autorespond is a software provider for SME companies looking for an all-in-one solution for their business. It offers an easy-to-use CRM, including professional billing, marketing automation, behavioural insights, a modern affiliate system, a shopping cart, task management, and more.

The SMS functionality was recently added to Autorespond’s software. Welmoet Babeliowsky, Managing Partner of Autorespond Netherlands talks about the possibilities and opportunities for business owners of the new SMS functionality.

Staying close to the customer with SMS marketing

Autorespond’s customers include many coaches, (online) teachers, sports studios and small webshops. In short, companies that have a very close relationship with the customer. “This is precisely why SMS marketing is very relevant to our target group. SMS is scalable but has the same personal feel as a phone call if you deploy it well,” Babeliowsky said.

“Nowadays, people are inundated with an abundance of information. The digital world has enabled us to be constantly connected to each other and to the rest of the world. However, this also means that we are constantly bombarded with marketing messages.”

Naomi Vonk, Country Manager Netherlands at Spryng: “The information overload we face these days makes it increasingly difficult for companies to reach consumers via email as the only marketing automation channel. After all, many people are so overwhelmed with information that they simply sometimes overlook marketing emails. The result is that many businesses get bogged down trying to get their message across. More and more marketing automation software organisations are knocking on our door to integrate SMS. The SMS functionalities that Autorespond has integrated offer great opportunities for business owners.”

SMS has an open rate of 98%

Vonk: “One of the solutions to the information overload problem is to add SMS to the marketing mix. Compared to e-mails, SMS has a much higher open rate as well as conversion rate. People are much more likely to read and respond to an SMS because it is a more personal and direct channel. SMS has an open rate of 98% versus e-mail ‘only’ between 20% and 30%. Moreover, it is easier for people to process an SMS because they don’t have to wait until they are at a computer to read the message.”

Babeliowsky: “In fact, SMS is the ideal way to grab people’s attention and reach them effectively, despite the abundance of information they receive. SMS is not a replacement for e-mail, but a very valuable addition. One need not replace the other, but rather enhance it. Both communication channels possess different advantages, which is why it is wise to deploy both channels within a marketing campaign to achieve synergy.”

Possibilities for SMS in Autorespond

  • Bulk SMS
  • Back-in-stock SMS
  • Abandoned cart SMS
  • Updates on the delivery process via SMS
  • Generate customer satisfaction surveys or reviews via SMS

Bulk SMS campaigns

SMS is now integrated into Autorespond to send Bulk SMS campaigns. In short, send an SMS message with a discount code to, for example, all customers who have ordered a similar product or service in the past month. As Babeliowsky strongly believes in integrating SMS into the marketing mix, new functionalities are being added immediately. SMS will soon be available for use in all marketing automation workflows.

Back-in-stock and abandoned cart notifications via SMS

Babeliowsky: “The programmers hope to finish that soon as well. The functionalities include, for example, the well-known ‘back-in-stock’ or the ‘abandoned cart’ notification. Data from various studies show that the average percentage of online shopping carts (shopping carts) that are abandoned is just under 70%. This means that roughly seven in ten shoppers do not complete their transaction – a figure that many e-commerce shop owners find worrying. The abandoned cart notification via SMS can in this case make a significant difference because the conversion rate of an SMS is relatively high compared to email. Count your winnings!”

Appointment reminders and webinar reminders

For businesses providing a service, SMS is also frequently used to remind customers of their appointment or a webinar. “By deploying SMS in the healthcare sector with hospitals, dentists and psychologists, Spryng has shown to reduce the number of no-shows by as much as 70%. This is a big saving for healthcare institutions and a piece of service to the consumer/patient,” said Vonk. This is now also possible in Autorespond using a new automation step.

Deploy SMS after the sale

Through the integration, companies can easily send a short text message to their customers to ask them to leave a review or send short surveys to their customers to gather feedback on specific aspects of their products or services. Moreover, SMS can also be used to keep customers informed about the delivery process. Consider automatic updates on order status, including times for delivery and confirmations of receipt. This gives customers more confidence and reduces uncertainty about the delivery process.

“The integration was very easy”

SMS is integrated into Autorespond’s software via Spryng’s REST API. Babeliowsky concludes, “If Autorespond customers want to use SMS, they can create a free account via Spryng’s website. We then link this to their account at Autorespond. This is arranged within a few hours. Moreover, when you create an account, you also get test credits. He who does not dare does not win, I always say. We would like to encourage as our customers to test SMS.”


Wondering what SMS can do for your business? Request more information or test our SMS service for free and without obligation. When you create an account, you will receive free test credits.

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