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Auron Software provides smooth integration with SMS server

Auron Software provides smooth integration with SMS server

Auron Software from Enschede is an important partner of Spryng. The young company (founded in 2016) develops software to integrate SMS services in companies. Complex SMS applications are easily linked to all kinds of organizations, including Spryng's clients, using the Auron SMS Server. This makes Auron Software a valuable link in Spryng's SMS services.


With Auron Software it is easy to establish a link between companies and SMS providers such as Spryng. Besides the high-value software, Auron also provides consultancy services. But the company is best known for its Auron SMS Server. This offers thousands of customers worldwide with a fast and convenient platform for sending and receiving automated SMS messages. Among them are customers of Spryng.

The Auron SMS Server are most commonly used for automated communication between:

  • the company and its customers
  • the company and its employees
  • the company and off-site automation


“De snelle en be“The fast and reliable SMS service of Spryng is an excellent match with the quality of Auron Software. Together we added a standard link to Spryng SMS in the Auron SMS server.”
- Sirp Potijk - Owner Auron Software


The benefits of Auron Software
With the Auron SMS Server, a lot of time is saved when integrating SMS into customers' existing software systems. Also, the integration is easy to adjust or expand. Therefore, the SMS services of Spryng integrate perfectly with the Auron software. This way we can guarantee our clients a fast and solid integration. An ideal solution for hospitals and other healthcare institutions! Because the Auron Server is directly linked to the administrative system, there is no need to bring out a customer administration for sending automatic appointment reminders. The SMS Server connects through a secure connection directly with the SMS service of Spryng.

Multifunctional tool
If there is a failure in the internet connection, then the SMS Server automatically sends the message again via a GSM modem. Because of this functionality, the SMS Server is also often used for reporting malfunctions by the IT department, for example.

Automated processing of answers
Auron Software's SMS Server offers many standard functionalities. For example, incidental notifications to groups of people. Like a schedule change for a school class or changed terms for a customer. In that case, the SMS Server can also automatically process responses such as opt-in or opt-out messages from customers, students or patients.

Want to know more?
Because of the collaboration between Spryng and Auron Software, even very complex and specialized applications can be set up quickly, safely and economically. And everyone benefits from that. Do you want to know what the cooperation between Auron Software and Spryng can mean for your company or institution? Take a look at the website of Auron Software or contact us via or +31 20 770 3005.

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