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A successful Carnival thanks to SMS

A successful Carnival thanks to SMS

Carnival is a big celebration in the South of the Netherlands. Cafes and pubs open their doors and the whole area is festively filled with people in fancy dress. Don’t be surprised if you run into Batman, a native Indian or a banana. You can put on your craziest outfit and nobody will look at you oddly. Although Carnival actually starts on the 3rdof March this year, from today onwards on you can expect people to dress up in unique costumes and outfits in the most southern cities. A well-known tradition during these days is the carnival parade with accompanying prizes and as a spectator it is possible to cast your vote on the most original float by SMS. Also in case of emergencies, SMS is used to inform the right people. As a café this could also the perfect opportunity to increase your revenue by sending an SMS to reach out to your customers.

Carnival parade
One of the highlights during Carnival is the carnival parade. After the parade prizes are awarded for the most beautiful floats, the best group act or the best individual act. For larger parades, there is often a public prize in addition to the jury prize. Spectators of the parade can vote, as a public jury, by sending an SMS with their favourite act or float. By allowing viewers to vote via SMS, they are able to influence who will win the public award. Spryng’s service takes care of all the SMS traffic and processes the results, making matters quick and easy for the award ceremony.


Catering establishments
During Carnival, almost all cafés, pubs, bars and restaurants in the South are packed from morning until night. Many of them decide stay open for 24 hours a day, because the revenue during this period can significantly increase compared to the rest of the year. This is the perfect time, if you are a pub or café owner, to get involved and this can easily be done through SMS. Are specials guest and artist coming to play in your café? Let your customers know by SMS! This allows you to promote your café and encourage them to drop by your café, with the ultimate goal: more sales!

SMS can also be used as a means of communication in case of calamities during the carnival parade. A parade requires a lot of preparation and organisation beforehand and the parade committee thinks every detail through to prevent certain situations. For example, residents living along or within the parade route are often asked to keep the streets car-free, so that people can act more efficiently in the event of an emergency. Although measures are taken beforehand to prevent emergency situations, organisations need to be prepared if something still goes wrong. If an emergency occurs, spectators must be informed as soon as possible. SMS can help to inform as many people and as quickly as possible. By using an alarm system with SMS, a voice or SMS message is pushed locally to every mobile phone in a certain area, so that information about an emergency with a big impact can be easily and quickly spread. In addition, SMS can ensure that the right auxiliaries can be enabled.

Would you like to experience the benefits that SMS can offer for your carnival parade? Such as processing and handling your SMS traffic or setting up an alarm system? Don’t sit around and wait, contact Spryng today via +31 (0) 20 770 3005 or We specialise in SMS services and have a professional and experienced team that is ready to assist you 24/7!

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