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Spryng helps big retailers to increase their turnover and lower the costs by using SMS services

Spryng helps big retailers to increase their turnover and lower the costs by using SMS services

The retail industry has also gotten aware of the effectiveness of SMS. A lot of retailers use the SMS Gateway of Spryng to inform their customers about the current status of products that have been ordered online.

Hunkemöller, Praxis, Media Markt and Saturn is only a small excerpt of the many retailers who inform their customers via Spryng per sms when a product will be delivered or when it is ready to be picked up in the store.

The customer will of course receive this information by e-mail but in practice it shows that an e-mail alone does not produce the desired results. Some e-mails arrive in the spam folder, some are not read and/or they are sent to a private e-mail address that is not that regularly checked. Thus the customers are not informed and unpaid reserved products wait in shops or the customer service gets unnecessary questions about the delivery of the product.

Sending SMS does result in customers that come faster to the shops and therefore also generate a higher turnover, as (most) ordered products have not been paid for yet. And while being at the shop, a customer does often buy other (not ordered) products, too.

Text messages with texts such as “Your ordered product is ready for collection. In order to pick it up the product you need to bring the pickup notification. Best regards,” are therefore very effective and enable an increased turnover. Not only does it increase the turnover but also reduces the amount of customers that contact the customer service. For example for a big electronics retailer this resulted in timesaving of 1 day per week per logistics manager and location.

Besides sending text messages to inform of orders ready for collection, the SMS Gateway is also used to inform the customer of the delivery time for their orders. A text message with information about the delivery time does also considerably reduce costs for the company that is responsible to deliver the order. It often occurs that the delivery is made when the costumer is not at home, therefore the deliverer has to come back another time. This no-show will be reduced because the customer know the exact or expected delivery time and can arrange that somebody is at home to receive the package.

The integration of Spryng’s SMS Gateway does not require difficult procedures or a big investment, a Magento webshop, for example is within a few hours integrated. Other systems can of course also easily integrate the SMS gateway using HTTP(S) API. Another advantage of the Spryng’s SMS Gateway is the direct connections to all European providers in order for, Hunkemöller, for example,to connect to all their customers in Europe.

For more information about the services and products of Spryng, feel free to call +31(0)20 770 3005 or go to

About Spryng:

Spryng delivers SMS services for the B2B market worldwide and has a customer of around 14,000 businesses. Spryng has established a prominent place in the mobile service industry in 8 years and was able to build some intersting cases in cooperation with their customers of various industries. Spryng’s strength lie in the fact that they offer their SMS services for a good price and efficiently. They are designed in the way that they are adaptable to the customer’s needs and wants.

The SMS Gateway of Spryng is easy to integrate into existing applications via HTTP(S) API. Moreover, Spryng also offers complete solutions such as sending manual through the online platforms and the Mail to SMS application.

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