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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Optimise your purchase process!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Optimise your purchase process!

SMS as a marketing tool in the Customer Journey
The Black Friday phenomenon has conquered the European continent. And Cyber ​​Monday is also getting more popular every year. These ultimate sales come from the United States and are seen on the other side of the ocean as the starting signal for Christmas shopping. Black Friday always takes place on the Friday after Thanksgiving, when most people in the US are off. And Cyber ​​Monday is the Monday after Black Friday. The difference is that on Cyber ​​Monday you often have exclusive offers, which are only available online. Retailers are also increasingly using this day to promote their products. These days are the perfect opportunity to increase your turnover. But do you know, as a retailer, how to benefit from it in the long term?

High turnovers during BFCM
On November 26 and 29, it’s that time again! The starting signal for Christmas shopping. Black Friday & Cyber monday (BFCM) are booming all over the world. According to the finance administration in the Netherlands, 4.65 million transactions were made on Black Friday last year. On average, shoppers save 37% on their purchases but are still willing to spend an average of 400 euros on these shopping days.

According to analysts, due to the corona crisis, this year there will again be more online shopping during BFCM. Partly because people want to visit as few stores as possible. But, also because, due to the economic uncertainty of the corona crisis, there are many consumers who postpone the purchase of products until these days.

A positive customer journey is a must
As an entrepreneur in retail, you want the customer to feel positive about the purchased product and service. Especially in a period where so many competitors stunt with prices. Black Friday & Cyber ​​Monday are theoretically only one day each, but are the ultimate time to offer customers a positive customer experience. And that positive customer experience becomes stronger if the customer comes into contact with your company at the right times. A positive customer experience can ultimately be critical to the future success of your business, as it not only keeps customers coming back, but also increases the likelihood of them spending more. But how do you manage that? Sending SMS can definitely help you here.

Sending SMS as a marketing tool
Many webshops and retailers use the same promotion channels for each promotion: banners, promotion via the website and social media channels. But, if you really want to stand out, you communicate proactively with your customers. Sending SMS (or even bulk SMS) is a fast and friendly way to be visible prior to BFCM and to distinguish yourself from other retailers. By approaching your customer base in a timely and effective manner via SMS, you also reach people who have already shown interest in your products. This increases your reach and increases the chance of (another) purchase. It also is an interesting marketing tool for customers who buy something from you for the first time. Consider, for example, discounts or information that you offer so that they come back.

Optimise the buying process with SMS service

With SMS service you can guide the customer throughout his journey, from the orientation till a review after purchase. By sending an SMS with the right information at the right time, you give the customer attention in a positive and personal way. How does this work exactly? For example, you can send an SMS:

  • Including a discount code or coupon (a positive contact moment prior to purchase)
  • For secure 2-factor authentication at login (or prior to placing an order)
  • To indicate exactly when the package will be delivered (after-sales service)

Many more communication moments are possible with SMS. It is important to always look at the entire ‘flow’, to be sure that you inform your customers optimally. That saves everyone time and money, but above all it provides you with a positive customer experience. And especially during Black Friday, that’s golden!

The SMS provider of the BeNeLux
Also curious what our SMS service can do for your customers, during holidays and beyond? Please feel free to contact Spryng. Together we can discuss what SMS can do for your (web)shop and for your customers, of course. Call us for more information: 020-7703005.

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