E-mail to SMS

Send e-mails which are delivered as SMS messages

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Send SMS from your e-mail

You can directly send SMS messages from your e-mail program such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.

Dear John, are you able to take over Ellen's shift tomorrow morning from 11:00 AM? Thank you for your reply. Regards, The Flex Team.



E-mail to SMS Gateway

Within 5 minutes Spryng links the e-mail addresses. The E-mail to SMS application requires no implementation, technical knowledge or software.



You specify from which e-mail addresses you wish to send.


We connect these e-mail addresses to our MAIL2SMS application.


You can then send e-mails which are delivered as SMS.

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MAIL2SMS as Authentication with SSL VPN

Spryng has standard interfaces with all SSL VPN systems, such as Gemalto, RSA, SafeNet, SMS Passcode, Secure Envoy and Sonic Wall.


Why use MAIL to SMS?

E-mail to SMS is often used for sending SMS for work schedules, for SMS alerts and SMS authentication with SSL VPN systems.


What are the costs of MAIL to SMS?

We don’t charge set up fees for our MAIL2SMS application. We only charge a monthly fee which depends on the SMS volume.